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Kala Samunder (1962)

  • LanguageHindi

The story of Kala Samundar revolves around a tough gang of international smugglers whose activities continued in full swing for quite some time. The police drag-net closed on the hide out of the smugglers but the king-pin managed to slip away. Surendra and his friend Chhagan pledged to nab the leader, come what may? They, many times got on the wrong trail but didn't give up. Lali, daughter of a responsible gentleman, who was both cynical and rich, offered to help Surendra. She was in love with Surendra and besides she wanted to aid the society in general to get rid of such characters who were engaged in anti-national acts.

Lali nearly put herself in the jaws of death while Surendra encountered the boss of the gang. The gang fought tooth and nail but it was all up. When the identity of the boss was revealed to them they couldn't believe it was true. But true it was. Dear Patrons: if you too want to experience the thrill, you will have to see 'Kala Samunder' for yourself on the screen.

A Request

We promise that 'Kala Samunder' is an out and out entertainer. It has the thrills that you have never before experienced. It is suspenseful from start to finish. You will make your own guess as to the identity of the boss of the gang. Finally when the story draws to an end, it will give you the surprise of your life that all your guess was wrong. We request you not to disclose the end to your friends and let them experience the thrill and suspense themselves.

(From the official press booklet)