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Kanoon Apna Apna (1989)

  • Release Date27/10/1989
  • GenreAction, Crime, Drama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time162 mins
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU/A

Jagat Pratap Singh is a principled, dutyful and law-abiding collector. His son Ravi is a young fellow who gives went to his emotions and believes in, on the spot decisions of any issue. Being a responsible officer of the government, the collector wants his son not to entangle himself in issues and take the law into his hands. This is the conflicting point between both father and son.

Bhushan Nath a road side rif raf leader, with the help of Kanhayalal becomes a minister and helps him in illegal activities like drugs and illicit liquor.

Bhushan Nath is doing romance in a government guest house. This was photographed by Satyen who is a press photographer. Bhushan Nath asks Kanhayalal to get back the negatives some how or the other. Prakash & Kailash come to the press kill Satyen and take back the negatives. Ravi comes to know and fights with these two fellows, when he is obstructed while taking blood to save Satyen. Ultimately Satyen dies. Ravi comes to the hospital and fights with Prakash and Kailash where they are taking rest as patients with the help of the doctor. Collector comes in and takes Ravi home.

Collector gets disgusted with the activities of his son and asks him to go out of the house.

With the help of the blood samples collected corners the doctors and makes him and approver in Satyen's murder case. By that time Ravi comes as an inspector and puts Kailash behind the bars; when he is trying to rape the daughter of the doctor.

Ravi with the help of 'Vandematharam press editor Ram Prasad plan to get Bhushan Nath into the books. Ram Prasad instigates Bhushan Nath to purchase the dissident MLA's and those who are not happy with the Chief Minister and form a new party and become the Chief Minister. When he is going to the capital to distribute the money and form the party, Ravi comes to the Airport and arrests him. Collector comes to the police station and congratulates his son. Kailash escapes from the jail and comes home.

Bhushan Nath tells him that they have to take revenge on Collector and his son for bringing them to ruins. Prakash kidnaps Bharathi the daughter of Ram Prasad and tries to rape her. Jyothi the daughter of Collector informs him about this. Collector comes to the spot where Prakash is trying to rape Bharathi and fights with him. During the fight collector beats him with a stick and Prakash accidentally dies. Ravi comes there and at the request of his father to do his duty arrest him. Mother comes to know about this, comes to the police station and scolds Ravi and beats him; So that, by doing this offence she can also stay along with her husband in the cell. Collector stops her - she goes out in a fury. Ravi brings out his sister to drop her in the house. By that time Bhushan Nath and his son try to escape from the city. Collector and his son start to catch hold of these two fellows and handover them to the police.

This is the climax. Whether Collector and his son are successful in their attempts or Bhushan Nath and his son Kailash escapes or what ensures after this kindly see on your silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)



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