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Karamdaata (1986)

  • LanguageHindi

We have to give accounts for the deeds that we do in this world, but sometimes it so happens that we have to pay compensate the same in this very world. Our story is also based on the war of these deeds.
It comes to say that Seth Rai Bahadur is a millionaire, who well understands the ups and downs of life. He tries his best to make understand her only daughter 'Neeta', who at last dis-obeys her father and marrys with a deceiving person named Ajit and goes away.....
Rai Bahadur bears this terrible shock with utmost patience. Time take turn - Neeta in her mis-understanding leaves the house of her father, she realises her fault afterwards, the person who loved and married her was only an artificial show. The fact was that Ajit wanted to swallow the wealth of Rai Bahadur Sahab, by marrying her daughter - Neeta - It was his main intention.
Neeta has one female child - 'Pinky', she leaves the child under the care of Rai Bahadur Sahab and retires from this cruel world for ever.
Now 'Pinky' has become the only support of Rai Bahadur, he takes her and brings her up as like the parent of the child. Time changes and the child grows from a bud and becomes a flower. Nature shows its colour. One day Pinky meets with Govinda, a taxi driver, who is of course poor, but a generous hearted. When Rai Bahadur comes to know about this fact he becomes stunned as if the earth has slipped underneath his feet. His immediately flash back, how her own daughter was trapped in the love trap and now after a long time his grand daughter is also trapped in the said love affair, how can he bear this?
Rai Bahadur has made up his mind that he will not allow the said story to be repeated again - from here starts the war of deeds - at one side there is poverty and the other side wealth, and in between goes the true love of Govinda and 'Pinky'......

(From the official press booklets)


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