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Khiladi (1992)

  • LanguageHindi

Raaj (Akshay Kumar) is a popular collegiate. Betting is his favourite hobby and to win a bet, he can to any extent. Bonny (Deepak Tijori), Raaj's best friend, always losses to Raaj and ultimately, Bonny has to admit that Raaj is the king in the field of betting. Sheetal (Sabeeha) is a good pal of theirs. She is in love with Bonny but Bonny is not aware of it. Neelam (Ayesha Julka) joins the college and when Raaj sees her, it is love at first sight. Eventually, they fall in love with each other.
Bonny and Raaj disguise themselves as girls in order to accompany the girl's hockey team going out of Bombay and for this mischief, they are put behind the bars. When Sheetal's father Kailashnath (Prem Chopra), a millionaire, happens to know of this, he gives Raaj and Bonny a firing and threatens Raaj that he would complain to his elder brother, Inspector Suresh Malhotra (Shakti Kapoor). Therefore, to balance things, Raaj apologises to Sheetal's father.
Raaj is annoyed. He tells Sheet that even now he can compel her father to fall at his feet. There is a fresh bet among the four some. According to the bet, they take Sheetal out of the city and keep her in a cottage. They ring up Sheetal's father and ask Rupees Five Lacs as ransom. Just for the sake of fun, they threaten to kill Sheetal if they don't receive the money in time. Astonishingly, what they had said just for fun turns out to be true. Sheetal is murdered. Sheetal was the only one who could prove Raaj, Neelam and Bonny innocent and that it was just a matter of winning a bet. But neo she is dead, there is no one to prove them innocent.
So, were Raaj, Neelam and Bonny convicted for Sheetal's murder? Or did they manage to prove themselves innocent? Who was the murderer?
To know the answers, you will have to see 'KHILADI'.

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