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Kiklee (1964)

  • Release Date11/09/1964
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Run Time131 min
  • Length3947.16 meters
  • Number of Reels16 reels
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-42279 - Mumbai
  • Certificate Date21/08/1964
  • Shooting LocationShree Sound Studios, Bombay

Kiklee is the story of a visually challenged Muslim mendicant (Kamal Sukhiya) who devotes himself to bringing up two flood-stricken Hindu children Raja and Raju. He has no home of his own and stays in a mosque while he keeps the children in a Hindu temple. A rich Sikh widower Sarpanch Dalip Singh (Jagdish Sethi) who has lost his wife and children in a car accident takes over the children from the Muslim mendicant and brings them up as his own. 
The children grow up as the beautiful Rano (Kamini Devi) and the handsome youth Raju (Rajdeep). Raju becomes a manager in an electric goods company and visits the house of Chaudhary Bhagwan Das (Shree Ram) for the installation of the first ceiling fan in the neighbouring village. On his way, his scooter gets punctured as the over-weight Chhun Chhun (Tun Tun) sits on it. Raju is in love with the beautiful village girl Billo (Indira Billi) daughter of Chaudhary Bhagwan Das. Chhun Chhun, who likes Raju and is jealous of Billo tries to jeopardize their relationship by telling about them to Chaudhary. She also plays a trick on Raju by blaming him for stealing Chaudhary’s watch. He slaps Raju and throws him out of the village. Chaudhary even fires at Raju, but he escapes unhurt. The two love birds get separated but they try to meet secretively. 
Raju approaches the village ruffian Lakha (Madan Puri) to take revenge on Chaudhary. Lakha agrees to help him but with the condition that Raju should get him married to Sarpanch Dalip Singh’s daughter Rano. Raju is enraged and he thrashes Lakha and his henchmen before escaping from their den. During the shuffle one of the hooligans, Sohna gets killed by Raju. Later, to save Raju from humiliation, Sarpanch Dalip Singh takes the blame on himself. Lakha gives a false statement in court and Dalip Singh is awarded imprisonment of seven years. 
In the meantime, Billo succeeds in convincing her father about her true love for Raju. Chaudhary being ashamed of his acts asks his brother Seth Nihal Chand (Kathana) to make Sarpanch Dalip Singh agree for the marriage of Raju with Billo. After a few hiccups, the marriage of Raju and Billo is solemnized. On the eve of his honeymoon, Raju receives a call and is asked to leave immediately for the War front. The young bride Billo, on her nuptial night, smilingly bids farewell to her bridegroom Raju. Raju is reportedly killed in the action but Billo does not wipe off her sindoor when news of her husband's death arrives, because according to her, Raju’s sacrifice had made her Suhag eternal. She also joins the military nursing service to treat the wounded soldiers. 
Meanwhile, on an appeal, High Court acquits Sarpanch Dalip Singh as the victim Sohna died of a heart attack and not by the blow. The whole village celebrates his release with song and dance.  Makhan (Gopal Sehgal) manipulates the situation and makes Billo’s parents agree for her remarriage with him. But Billo is abducted by Lakha and is kept in his hideout. Rangila informs Dalip Singh about this and all the villagers join hand to save Billo from the clutches of Lakha. She escapes from her captivity and to end her life she jumps in a river. Luckily Raju, who has returned from the war, saves her from drowning. The real culprits Lakha and his goons are now in police custody.