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Kismat (1995)

  • LanguageHindi

Fate played a cruel trick on Inspector Anand (Suresh Oberoi) when his car crashed on a stormy night. His infant son was thrown out, eventually presumed dead while his wife landed in a serious condition. Before breathing her last, the wife takes a promise from her younger sister Geeta (Rakhee) that she will marry Anand and look after the family.

Geeta had to agree to the pleas of her dying sister inspite of her sordid past in which Rajan (Kabir Bedi) with whom she was in love had betrayed her and has left her in a lurch, though she was carrying his child. A son had been born but was told by her Nana (A.K. Hangal) that the child had died, in fact the old man had put the child in an Anath Ashram.

Fate made a move again when after years Nana by chance discovered the lost locket of Anand's dead son. He manipulated the situation by putting the locket around Geeta's illegitimate son and gives the child to Anand as his lost son.

Now, Ajay (Govinda) the son of comes back from abroad after years and another trick of fate is evident when with him comes Rajan, his own father as his fried. Geeta sees this and is shattered but can say nothing.

Rajan owns a club, where gambling is rampant and many criminal bargains are struck. Ajay thrives on Rajan's friendship, drinks and gambles in the club. He meets Madhu (Mamta Kulkarni) a run away girl. Ajay saves her from a hazardous situation and puts her up with his friend Bankey (Asrani) a motor mechanic. Madhu lives there disguised as a boy. Ajay & Madhu have fallen in love by this time and start dreaming of a happy future.

But Ajay's life is torn apart with shock, when he comes to know that he is an illegitimate son of Rajan who is blackmailing his mother and is threatening her to disclose his relations with her before her marriage. His utter love and respect for his mother steadies him and he vows vengeance upon Rajan whose past treachery had made his mother suffer terribly.

He starts working for Rajan' destruction. His path even puts him in a police lock-up and torture. But his resolve remains steadfast. Madhu and her father Seth Dhani Ram (Tiku Talsania) manage to get him out. Rajan by this time knows that Ajay is his mortal enemy and he tries to destroy Geeta's life by proclaiming to the world about his relations with her and the fact that Ajay was his son.

Does he succeed in his venture?

What happens to Geeta after disclosure?

And does Ajay allow his mother to be maligned and dishonoured?

See the nerve breaking events of this play of fate on the silver screen and judge yourself.

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