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Kundan (1972)

  • LanguageHindi

A dacoit is a human-being so is a police officer. Happiness and sorrow, love and hate are typical characteristics of a human-being. The story of "KUNDAN" is also the story of such a human-being.

Dacoit Kundan was exactly like his father, Dacoit Babarsingh. Once, while escaping from the police, he reached a Wedding Mandap and to escape from the eyes of the police, he covered his face with the bride-groom's "Sehra" and even completed seven rounds of the holy fire with Ganga, but when the police got suspicious, he threw the "Sehra" and ran away.

Same Kundan fell in love with a dancing girl. He kidnapped her and married her.

Kundan came to know from Geeta Thakuriyan that 20 years ago her child had been kidnapped by Kundan's father. Touching the feet of the Thakuriyan, Kundan wowed that if Babarsingh had kidnapped her son, he would bring him back to her.

When Kundan met his father, his father agreed to return the child of the Thakuriyan, but before he could give him any information he was killed by the bullets of the police.

Who was the son of Geeta Thakuriyan? Did she get him back? How did Kundan fulfill his vow? What happened to that Ganga whom Kundan had married?

The answer to these and many more questions you will get by seeing "KUNDAN".

(From the official press booklets)