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Mahasati Maina Sundari (1979)

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Since centuries India has been the origin of so many religions. And those all religions are in existence uptill now. Jain religion is also one of those old religions. In this religion, from Bhagwan Rishabhnath to Bhagwan Mahavir twenty our TIRTHANKARS took birth. From the inspiration of one of the literature of this religion the story of Maha Sati Sundari has been extracted. The story is very familiar in Jain Religion.

The story starts from Ujjain Kingdom. The king Pahupal of this Kingdom decides to examine the truth of destiny. And to examine this truth he marries his daughter Maina Sundari to a stranger leprous. His name happens to be Sripal. In fact that leprous happens to be king of Champapur kingdom. And who happens to be a handsome and kind hearted person. Being a kind hearted person he himself does the treatment of his subject who happen to be suffering from leprosy. During serving his subject he too starts suffering from leprosy. He does not think it proper to rule in such a condition and by giving the reins of ruling power in the hands of his uncle all of a sudden he reaches in the kingdom of Ujjain along with his people. Here he is married with Maina Sundari.

With great penance and sufferings Maina Sundari goes on pilgrimage along with her husband and thus the King Sripal and his companions are cured from leprosy.

Now King Sripal becomes worried about his kingdom. He knows that without fighting with his uncle he would not be able to get back his kingdom. And to achieve his kingdom back he will have to arrange an army. It would need money. He decides to go to other city for earning the money.

How king Sripal earns money?

How he meets Maina?

Did he regain the Kingdom of Champapur?

See today 'Maha Sati Maina Sundari' and satisfy with answers.

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