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Malika (1956)

  • LanguageHindi

Woman is the man's everlasting weakness-'love' the woman's. She can lay down sceptre and crown for the sake of love.

Such an observation when Qasim made in the royal court, the "Malika" of Shanwara and her Prime Minister Tarik took out their sword in retort since both of them believed in a different philosophy. Malika considered a man's love as a mere delusion. She challenged Qasim and both crossed the swords. The latter was overpowered and a thousand voices acclaimed the victory of 'Malika'. Hence forward Qasim and 'Malika' became dagger drawn-each trying to eliminate the other.

Presently the envoy of Shah Shafoon, the most avowed enemy of Shanwara, came to the 'Malika' with a proposal for her hand.

This filled the 'Malika' with utter indignation and she would have undoubtedly put the envoy to the gallows for his utter indiscretion but royal customs prevented her from being so drastic.

But it didn't take long for this indignation to give place to infatuation and soon the envoy and the 'Malika' were found seeking hidden places for their confessions of love.
Knowledge of tis romance created innumerable complications around the 'Malika' and her days became an endless series of tortures.
Did her love achieve its goal? You will find the answer on the screen.

(From the official press booklets)