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Mausi (1958)

  • Release Date1958
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

This is the story of 'Mousi', an issue-less and yet broadminded and kind-hearted lady, always ready to sacrifice her happiness for that of others. `Mousi' is trying to forget her own personal sorrow owing to the absence of a progeny by treating all the young ones under her roof as her own. Sona is one such grownup 'daughter'. Sona is a little off the center in mind and as a result, becomes a subject of some nuisance to the inmates and neighbours. Mousi, though very sorry for such a state of affairs is very indescribably optimistic that Sona would get over her eccentricity very soon and would become normal to settle down in life, happily ever after. Tarubala another such `daughter' of Mousi comes home on her college vacation. She is in love with a college mate Girish who pays her a couple of visits in confidence to foster the sweet sentiments they hold for each other. Mousi comes to know of this love affair and in order to satisfy the desire of Tarubala negotiates her marriage with Girish on a family level. The meeting between the boy and the girl takes place and everything appears as though flowing towards happy consummation but the off headedness of Sona again spoils the matter. The marriage proposal stands abandoned. 

This creates a lot of confusion. Sona becomes more and more an object of severe criticism and hatred. Mousi tries to defend but others overpower her. Mousi is terribly sorry, as though a shaft has been driven through her heart. What way did Mousi find to cure Sona! The stirring climax on the silver screen will answer this and other queries. 

[from the official press booklet]



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