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Mere Hamdam Mere Dost (1968)

  • LanguageHindi

Sunil, a young and delectable boy is asked by his boss to go and get a painting for the office from the artist known to Sunil. Sunil goes and runs into Anita, a pretty girl in tatters, working on a pittance as a model with the artist. He straight falls in love with the girl who is amused for she was only posing and was, in fact, a fabulously rich heiress. Soon she comes to know that Sunil, because of some background, hated rich people. She goes on playacting until she also falls in love with Sunil, on account of his qualities of head and heart.

The matters become worse when Anita's manager Ajit comes to know of the affairs. He had an eye on the girl and her riches and had even transplanted Meena, a beautiful girl, to espy on Anita. Anita discovers it in due course of time but remains nice real identity. He feels incensed and tries to walk on the engagement when Anita has to use Ramesh, a childhood friend of hers and would-be-brother-in-law of Sunil, to throw up jealousy. Far from coming round, Sunil leaves the town and moves to Bombay with mother and sister. Ajit is happy for the obstacle is removed without his raising a little finger.

But, love never dies. Sunil is not able to forget Anita and she, in turn, hounds him out in Bombay. Before things settle down Ajit discovers that it was Sunil's father who was murdered by Anita's. This he uses as a lever to work out an estrangement between Sunil and Anita.

Anita had no knowledge that her father was alive and was serving a life sentence in the jail and her mother was languishing in a gambling joint. Anita's father comes out of the jail after the sentence and is murdered on way back home in a Bombay local train. A search of the dead man's bogey reveals a valet having Sunil's photograph in it. But had Sunil murdered Anita's father to take revenge or there was something more to it? It all shapes into a very poignant love drama ever shown on the silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)