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Oh Bewafaa (1980)

  • Release Date19 September, 1980
  • GenreDrama, Romance
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3936.14 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Censor Certificate NumberA-4695-MUM
  • Certificate Date16/09/1980

Oh Bewafaa is the story of an innocent girl, Radha, who lived in a poor family of her Mama. The drunkard mama for want of money sold her to a rich man. The poor girl could not save herself from this calamity. She hated her mama and the man who ruined her. She leaves them and comes to the city where she accidently meets one Vicky Kapoor, a pilot. Vicky Kapoor gives her shelter, love and affection. She narrates her past to him and he appreciates her frankness and innocence. He asks her to marry him, but luck would have it, he too was after her body. He succeeds in his immoral plans, cheats and jilts her. Her pure love is crushed in the bud. Vicky deserts her and she is left alone as before. Radha comes to know all about Vicky's character and past deeds from his friends. She also learns that in the past he had ditched another girl who later committed suicide. Radha vows revenge and decides to teach him a lesson. She was ready to do anything to attain her goal. 

With hard work she becomes a model and finally the keep of one Mr. R.K., a multi-millionaire, who owns a number of shipping companies and Airlines. A man of immense wealth and unlimited power and influence. With R.K's money power she traces Vicky Kapoor and sees that his present job is lost and makes his life miserable. Vicky meets another girl Meena and marries her. Radha could not bear this shock and she employs him as a pilot in R.K's Plane. Now she thinks her time has come to take revenge upon him. She pretends that she has fallen for him and asks him to divorce Meena so that they can get married. Vicky tries to get a divorce from Meena but she refuses. Finding no other way Radha tells him to murder Meena. Acting upon her advice he commits the murder of Meena, then comes and reports to Radha that no one will ever know about Meena's murder. He laughs hysterically, perhaps unaware that what is waiting him. But soon the truth dawns upon him. Suddenly he finds himself surrounded by police. It was Radha who called the police to arrest Vicky for murdering Meena. Vicky got the shock of his life for he never dreamed that Radha would do such a thing to him. But Radha had only one aim in life; to destroy Vicky. R.K. too was shocked. Then what could he do with his money and influence. 

Could he save her? Could Radha achieve her aim of destroying Vicky in the court of law? 

The climax of the film will reveal the startling truth which will come as a great shock.

(From the official press booklet)



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