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Pyase Nain (1989)

  • Release Date01/01/1989
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time144 mins
  • Length3941.48 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-12928-MUM
  • Certificate Date05/12/1989
  • Shooting LocationShree Sound Studios

Rajkumar was an average young man. He was tall and lean, but not handsome. The other medical students used to call him Mr. Cartoon. But like any modern youngman, he too had his own romantic dreams. H had come to Darjeeling, with his Professor and fellow students.

Darjeeling is known for its pretty Pony-Girls. They are bright, buxom and very very naughty. But Janki, one of these pony girls, was always sad and silent, and her mute charm attracted Rajkumar. He hired her pony, and he tried to be friendly, but Janki did not respond to his sympathy or his songs. She was different from the rest of the girls of her profession.

But gradually, Janki was convinced that Rajkumar was a real gentleman, and not like other tourists who come to Darjeeling for fun and amusement. So she too started liking him. As he was a medical student, she invited him to her hut to see her ailing brother, who was the cause of her anxiety. Rajkumar could easily find out, that the man was suffering from a dangerous and incurable disease, but still he gave Janki hope and courage.

As their fondness for each other grew considerably, the time for Rajkumar's departure from Darjeeling came as a painful reality. The day Rajkumar had to leave Darjeeling with his friends, Janki was nowhere to be seen. Rajkumar did not know the tragic fact, that when he was leaving Darjeeling, Janki's brother too was leaving his world. Departure from Darjeeling, without a Good Bye from Janki made Rajkumar very sad.

As time passed, Rajkumar realised that he was madly in love with Janki, and he could not live without her. So immediately after the examinations he rushed to Darjeeling, searched for his beloved Janki, and married her the next day. Rajkumar did not take the approval of his "Aruna auntie", who had brought him up, as his parents had died when he was a little boy. He knew that his rich Auntie had her own plans of his marriage, with Bharti, the daughter of millionaire, who too was a lady doctor. For Janki this sudden happiness was some sort of a dream.

Having married Janki, Rajkumar wrote a beautiful letter to his Auntie Aurna, asking for forgiveness, and informing her about his journey to Lucknow, with his bride so that they may personally come and touch her feet to get her blessings. Aruna was furious and Bharti's heart broken.

The couple was travelling in a first class compartment, reserved for them and Janki the girl from the hills was thrilled to see the changing landscape.

When the train reached Lucknow, there was no trace of the married couple instead of a steel trunk was found in the deserted compartment with the chopped limbs of a woman's body in it. The newspapers published sensational headlines about this mystery. The police suspected, that having stumbled on some secret affair of his newly married wife, Rajkumar, like Othello has put an end to Janki's life, and was absconding to escape from law.

But poor Rajkumar who lay in a pool of blood unconscious by the railway track a few hundred miles from Lucknow, was brought to the hopital in a nearby town by a farmer.

Soon the investigating police officers, came to the hospital, to record Rajkumar's statement. On regaining consciousness Rajkumar todl a strange story, of two old persons entering his compartment. He narrated that a blind man  and his old wife bagged him to permit them to travel in their compartment, as they were rushing to see their sick daughter who lived in a town about fifty miles away. As they had first class tickets and looked so helpless, Rajkumar did not object to their travelling in the same compartment.

For his kindness Rajkumar had to pay a heavy price, when at night, the intruders, threw him out of the running train. When Rajkumar asked about the plight of is wife Janki, he was told about the pieces of a woman's body in a steel trunk. Rajkumar fainted again to hear about the tragic end of his love story.

Dindayal a truck driver was going through a forest, with his load, when he noticed the body of a woman on the muddy road, lying motionless. When he approached her, he was stunned to see a  familiar face......She was Janki, the daughter of his onetime associate, Rai Chand. Janki was badly wounded and lay unconscious on the deserted road at that hour of the night. All this puzzled Dindayal. However, he drove back home, and called the village doctor immediately to save the young woman. His niece Gouri, and her husband Vikram enquired about the young girl, so badly wounded, but Dindayal was reluctant to say anything. He was noticeably upset and hurt.

Gouri's repeated requests, brought a strange and sad episode to light. Dindayal revealed that Janki's father, whom he considered a great friend, had raped his widowed sister, in his absence, and had been the cause of the poor victim's suicide. Dindayal had pledged to take revenge from his unfaithful friend one day... And now fate brought, Janki to his door in such a helpless condition and in such strange circumstances.

Janki knew nothing about the tragedy of Dindayal's sister, she only remembered that he (Dindayal) was like an uncle. She thanked Dindayal when she gained consciousness, and narrated her side of the story. She remembered tow intruders in their compartment, and when her husband was asleep, they had put a white handkerchief on her face and she had fainted. How she was kidnapped, robbed and thrown on the deserted road, she had no idea. She also remembered that she was travelling to Lucknow with her husband and she was absolutely unable to give any address of her in-laws.

The good hearted Dindayal got so moved by Janki's sad story, that he forgot all about the revenge, and instead promised her all help to locate her husband's address. He woon succeeded in his effort, and one day, with hope and joy, he took Janki to Lucknow. But fate again played a dirty trick. When Dindayal and Janki surprised Aruna, with their presence, Rajkumar had gone out, so the wicked woman threw them out as imposters, adding insult to injury. Rajkumar, when he returned home, knew nothing about the arrival of Janki and her uncle.

Next day Rajkumar wa stunned to find Janki's silver ring, placed in front of his photograph (Janki had quietly placed it there when she was kicked out of the house). When Rajkumar questioned about the ring, the maid servant Dhanyia, narrated the whole sad story of the helpless bride's retreat from her husband's house. Rajkumar too, with a bleeding heart, left Lucknow for good and started the search for his Janki, who was alive and living with an uncle. Since he had no clue, he searched in-vain here there and everywhere.

Defeat made him almost cracy, and atleast he came to live with his old friend Dr. Satish, who had a charity hospital near Mathura.

And there also a surprise awaited Rajkumar. A lady doctor serving the hospital was none else, but Bharti, whose father had invested a large amount of money in Dr. Satish's Charity Hospital.

Destiny the author of this Love Story, wrote the last chapter again to make it appear "Stranger Than Fiction". One day when Dr. Satish and Dr. Rajkumar had gone to preach Family Planning to villagers, a truck driver brought a young woman in a precarious condition to the hospital. This young lady was Janki, who fed up with her lonely life, had taken a strong dose of poison to end her misery. Bharti did her best to save Janki's life, and when Rajkumar returned, he could hardly believe his eyes to find his long lost wife awaiting in the Emergency Ward. He cried  with joy, and the union, once again appeared as a "Dream to dazed Janki".

(From the official press booklet)