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Rajat Jayanti (1939)

  • LanguageBengali
  • Length3858.76 meters
  • Censor Certificate Number19823

The film is a comedy drama about Rajat who is a timid shy soft-spoken young man in love with Jayanti but is unable to directly express his feelings to her. Helping him in the matter is his street-smart cousin Bishu and his friend from Calcutta, Samir who are also keen on taking ten thousand rupees from Rajat’s guardian Bagalacharan in order to make a film. Despite being childhood friends the guardians of Rajat and Jayanti fight over a small misunderstanding and stop talking to each other. In the meantime Bishu and Samir bring a very rich investor for their film to Bagalacharan’s house in the form of Natoraj, a landlord from Burma who is accompanied by his daughter Supta. Although these two new members pretend to be millionaires they are actually professional crooks who come to Bagalacharan’s house to steal money and jewellery. They are helped by the manager of a health club of which Bagalacharan himself is a member, as the manager too turns out to be nothing but a professional burglar. Supta tries to woo Rajat in order to marry into his wealthy family and Rajat being too timid and well-mannered is unable to stop her advances, making Jayanti distraught. Finally Bagalacharan learns of Natoraj’s real identity and realises his mistake in working with them for an insurance scam as Rajat for the first time in his life stands up for truth and righteousness and questions his guardian. However the romantic plot is still not resolved as a hurt and arrogant Jayanti decides to leave Rajat and marry Bishu instead. Although initially Rajat tries to live with his grief, in the final confrontation with Jayanti the two admit their love for each other and decide to get married. As a comedy film Rajat Jayanti is marked by witty use and incorrect use of Bengali words and also by slapstick humour especially in the scenes where Jayanti’s father is hit by a car and when Bagalacharan tries to put everyone to sleep early in the evening. 



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