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Rakhwala (1971)

  • LanguageHindi

Deepak, a smart and handsome man is a dashing youth. Because of his smartness, youth and dash he is induced by his friend Gopi to challenge the invincible boxer Jabbar in a boxing arena. From physical appearance Deepak is no match to the monstrous Jabbar, but Deepak has the courage, capacity and the electronic dash and with all these qualities at   command, Deepak attacks Jabbar with a cyclonic fury and every blow of   his seems to be packed with dynamite. Deepak knocks down Jabbar completely, who is regarded as an iron man. Deepak's success is acclaimed unanimously. Jwala Prasad, a big business magnet, appoints Deepak as his driver.

Jwala Prasad is a widower having two daughters, Chandni and Pinky.  Chandni is sweet and she is in prime of her youth while Pinky is still schooling. Chandni and her father Jwala Prasad are diametrically opposite to each other in nature, ideas and in outlook. Jwala Prasad is conservative haughty headed and believes in ranks and gradations, while Chandni is liberal, human, humble and simple.

Chandni falls in love with Deepak. She is so mad after him that she wants to possess him at any cost, but to Deepak, this is totally unacceptable as he feels that economic disparities and other social barriers can pose a serious threat and can create a highly inflammable event in their life.

Chandni, who is so attached to Deepak renounces every fortune in her life and in a simple dress comes to Deepak to be his most dutiful wife. Chandni's self-renunciation and self-surrender fills Deepak's heart with deep emotions, devotion and attachment for this portrait of self-sacrifice. Deepak and Chandni get married. But this marriage irks an egoist Jwala Prasad. He wants to crush this couple and in his move Jwala Prasad is ably assisted by his most trust-worthy lieutenant Mr. Shyam. Both construct plots and sub-plots to sack the two, but Deepak always prove smarter of the two and nips their vicious plans in the bud. Jwala Prasad and Shyam feel frustrated and out of these frustrations a new star of hope appears at the horizon. This star of hope is a younger brother of Deepak named Suresh. Suresh's existence too is a great threat to the very survival of Jwala Prasad and Shyam. Now they want to play a most shrewd game. That is a game to divide and rule and with this game they want to kill both the brothers with one stroke. In this game they achieve success to some extent, but again the position of their planets start disfavouring them and these evil designers meet their Waterloo very soon.

How they meet their Waterloo ?

Love between Chandni and Deepak is at first sight?

Has Shyam too any personal enmity with Deepak & Chandni ?

Why the very survival of Suresh is a death warrant for Jwala Prasad and Shyam ?

What are the plots and sub-plots to crush the married couple and how Deepak proves smarter of the two ?

How facts prevail over fictions ?

For the simple answer to all the above said questions, please see Venus Pictures (Madras) the most ambitious action-packed, suspense thriller, family drama "RAKHWALA".

(From the official press booklet)