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Rustom-E-Hind (1965)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time135 mins
  • Gauge35 mm

In Ranjit's lap is his mother who is about to breathe her last due to the agonies she has suffered from the atrocities of her husband Puran Singh who had abandoned her with baseless charge of immorality. Ranjit takes a vow and pledges to wash away the black spot with the blood of his father. Mother dies and Ranjit leaves his home in search of his father to take revenge. Neither the son knew his father nor the father was able to recognise his son. The .long period of twenty five years had transformed Ranjit into a brave youngman and Puran Singh was quite an old man.

Puran Singh who was the Raj Guru to King Randhir Singh had got his other son Bhimsen appointed as the Commander-in-chief of the same kingdom. Ranjit met his father as well as his step-brother Bhimsen. He met his step-mother also. But nobody recognises this poor man. At last Ranjit had to accept the job of Roy al coach-driver with King Randhir Singh.

Time passed fast and in the meantime so many incidents took place. At last father recognised his son. He realised his mistake and his mind burst into tears. But when he came to know the pledge of Ranjit he got confused. He became his Guru and started teaching him sword-fighting. This helped Puran Singh in hiding his identity.

Bhimsen loved Princess Padmavati. But she was madly in love with the coach-driver Ranjit. The king Randhir Singh had determined that the winner of "Rustom-e-Hind" title will be allowed to get married with the Princess Padmavati.

The stage was all set for a show-down-The son took the revenge from his father or did the brother redden his hands with the blood of his brother? To whom the Princess was married ? 

All this and much more is in store in "Rustom-e-Hind" which is awaiting an early release at your favourite theatre.

(From the official press booklet)



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