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Sachaa Jhutha (1970)

  • LanguageHindi

From times immemorial distinction between truth and falsehood remains very difficult. Particularly when the real and the fake are presented in identical form and shape, it amounts to an almost impossibility. 

This baffling tale tells of such impossibility, the story of two identical human beings, their own doings, deeds, adventures and mis-adventures. 

Bhola an honest simpleton, desired to marry his invalid sister by his hard earnings. In the city he falls into the clutches of Ranjit, who takes advantage of his identical face and tries to shift the burden of his crimes on Bhola. He continued misleading the Police and Bhola also. 

Police Inspector Leena poses as Rita to arrest Ranjit red-handed. The only thing she does not know is the fact that there are two identical faces. Ranjit moulds Bhola in his way of life to carry on his criminal activities, keeping Bhola in the limelight. 

Ranjit goes to the extent of disguising himself as Bhola and imprisons Bhola's sister Belu—to keep a firm hold on Bhola. 

When Bhola realises and comes face to face with facts, he finds himself silent....for the sake of his sister. 

But Bhola is no longer that innocent simpleton. He decides to tackle the situation the Ranjit way. Bhola becomes Ranjit. And suddenly the reality dawns and faces the test of words, humanity and love—the truth glitters and on the other side lies the falsehood.... 

"Sachaa Jhuta" is sure to baffle you at your favourite theatre at your station very soon.

(From the official press booklet)