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Sardar (1967)

  • LanguageHindi

There was a time when foreigners viewed our country with green envy and would make every attempt to conquer bits of it. They came from all over the world. The story of SARDAR ' starts when one of our kings, surrenders his kingdom to an aggressor from across the seas. Sardar, a native of the seceded kingdom revolts against the king. He calls to people to rally around him and help him liberate the kingdom, but no one will dare to. The Sardar has four sons, each of them strong and brave like himself. 

The foreigner sitting on the throne places a price on the Sardar's head, but to no use, for none can find the Sardar. The foreigner now crushes the people, takes away the images from their temples and places there his own. 

Sardar sends one of his sons to the king's palace and there through a trick, he manages to mislead the enemy troops when they come face to face with his father's forces and are killed. But imagine the Sardar's surprise and wrath when he discovers one of his own sons facing him on the battlefield, having turned a traitor through the promptings of his lady love. 

Here lies a great human problem. Will duty call make the Sardar slay his traitor son or will fatherly love prevail? Will the Sardar succeed in driving out the foreigner? 

It's all there in SARDAR, the motion picture that is at once different and entertaining.

(From the official press booklet)