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Sham Savera (1946)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3349.75 meters
  • Censor RatingU

He wrote poems in marble. He sang songs in stones. But he was miserable. Doing away with much of the ugliness around in the world by creating masterpieces he was helpless in his own case. His golden heart, his passionate nature, his depth of emotion all these were clouded by a stern ugly face made uglier by a deep scar which cut mercilessly across his otherwise chiseled face like a black sash on a white waist.

Like all beings when Deepak shot into manhood that great passion stirred in his breast. He was fed up with the speechless statues—his children though. And honestly there should have been somebody to soothe the sorrows of this soother of sorrows! To his great horror no girl would look at his ugly face without shuddering. His younger brother Ranjan, who fell in love with sweet damsel Ranjana by name whom he desired to get married with was of better appearance and infinitely popular with the fair sex and already of age could do little but look on helplessly upon the discomfiture of his brother for he too could not enter the “forbidden” land before his brother. Clever as he was, he managed to capture the heart of girl for his brother by showing to her the fabulous wealth of his brother’s art. The young lady was so taken up that she could not forbear thinking that the man who could conceive of such beautiful work must necessarily be far more handsome.

An engagement was announced. The marriage took place and yet the girl had not seen the husband’s face. It was a game of hide and seek that Deepak began to play with his beautiful young wife—Kamal. Primarily being a sentimentalist he could not tolerate the discomfiture that would come about if his wife Kamal saw that ghastly face of his.

Soon after one day, fired by curiosity she went to the studio. Deepak hid himself on her approach behind a screen. In the dim light a statue of a beautiful girl got upturned which might have hit her but for his timely intervention. The sudden apparition was horrible. The girl gave out a small scream. She realized and it was a hard realization why her husband never turned up. She winked once or twice but the silvery sensation was over, she shuddered, and shot out of the studio.

Left to himself the unfortunate artist with the golden heart but with that ghastly face decided that he would not rest unless something was done. He sought out a plastic surgery specialist and though the doctor would do much to dissuade him Deepak, bent upon undergoing the operation would not listen.

What happened to Deepak and how Kamal faced the shock are two of the minor eventualities in comparison to what followed later. Thus came about one of the greatest human interest stories ever told in celluloid, a heart-breaking story of an artist with a glittering cast of top-ranking performers—that is all presented in J.M.R. Pictures’ song-studded sensation “SHAM SAVERA”.


(From the official press booklet)



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