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Street Singer (1966)

  • LanguageHindi

The child of today is the future of his country. 

The children of the whole world are the same - be they Russian children or American children, Chinese children or Japanese children, Pakistani children or Indian children. 

Children do not belong to any one religion. The child is a religion unto itself. The child is entrusted to you by God. So you must plant the seeds of love and affection, not of hatred, in the heart of the child. 

"Street Singer" is the story of those homeless vagrant children who, even while they play and sing and dance, try not to become a burden to society. Instead they try to raise their own level and the level of the society in which they live. No man is good or bad by birth. Social conditions make him good or bad.

You have to see "STREET SINGER" for once upon a time, you too were children-and so were we!

(From the official press booklet)