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Ujala Hi Ujala (1974)

  • LanguageHindi

"Ujala Hi Ujala" is a story of the dangers of the permissive society. 

Anuradha's father was a man with modern outlook whose fascination for the Western culture had a great influence on the life of his only daughter who took wine, visited clubs and led a highly fashionable life. She never bothered for its consequences. 

As Anuradha was young, beautiful and wealthy many were there who had an eye on her. But there was no one except Vikram (VinodMehra) who could bring happiness into her lonely life, and whose intense love and utmost sincerity for her could do good to her but she never realised it due to the fact that Ajit (RakeshPandey) did everything to mislead her. Ajit posed as her sincere lover with the sole aim to grab her riches. But Anuradha had no time to differentiate between the light and the darkness. 

Jamna Prasad (lftekhar) who brought her up after the death of her father, Shanker (Brahmachari) who had promised to her mother to dissuade Anuradha from the wrong path, Saraswati (Mehmood) who was a true friend of Anuradha and Professor Gupta (Ashok Kumar) whose heart glowed with truth and knowledge were all those who tried their best to save her from the perils of the modern society. But Anuradha was only heading towards the cliff of darkness, the darkness which she always took as Ujala Hi Ujala.

(From the official press booklet)