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Vakil Baboo (1981)

  • LanguageHindi

When the beautiful Kalpana, ace reporter for a popular magazine, clashed with Shekhar, love was obviously just around the corner. They only had to discover that they had once been childhood sweethearts for Cupid's arrow to find its mark. And so they were wed, but this was not a fairy book romance which ends happily ever after. 

Shekhar becomes blind in an accident, on the eve of his first one-man show. Kalpana bravely stands by her beloved husband, sustaining him by her intense love, when suddenly into their life steps Prem Oberoi to whom every woman is a legitimate target for his advances. He strikes up a friendship with Shekhar, to find opportunities to come closer to Kalpana who views him with disgust. 

Shekhar and Kalpana decide to go on a world cruise, the latter viewing this to get away from the obnoxious Prem Oberoi. She is horrified to find that he, too, is on the ship. On New Year's Eve, Prem Oberoi is found murdered in his cabin. Shekhar confesses his guilt! 

In court, Shekhar refuses to defend himself, nor will he cooperate with lawyers appointed for him. In fact, matters look so grim that no lawyer is willing to defend him. Kalpana is frantic when none other than the Judge comes to her aid by refusing to try the case unless the State provides Shekhar with a lawyer. The Judge himself approaches an old friend, Mathur, known as the small-time lawyer with the big heart. Under the Judge's persuasion, Mathur accepts the seemingly thankless brief.
Mathur soon sums up the situation and refuses to believe that the blind Shekhar is guilty. And under Mathur's dedicated personal efforts, matters move swiftly to a surprising climax as the lovable lawyer's convictions are proved to be correct. How Mathur succeeds with his unorthodox methods of investigation form the electrifying climax of VAKIL BABOO..

(From the official press booklet)



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