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Veer Ghatotkach (1970)

  • LanguageHindi

Veer Ghatotkach is one of most famous characters of great Mahabharat. He was brave, warrior, and at the same time a great comedy creator as well as having great magical powers.

The story opens with his completion of complete studies of magical powers when he seeks blessings of his Guru and his great mother Hidimba.
But he is perturbed when he learns from his mother that wicked Mama Shakuisi and Duryodhan have, by their bad means and deceiting character, sent Veer Bhimsen and his brother Pandawas to Jungle due to defeat in the gambling game. He goes to Kauravas teases them to the extreme and makes them utter that they in future will not touch Pandavas.
But they don’t remain an their words and send Durvasa, the angry sage to Pandvas to take meals, which they would not arrange and finally, he with his anger goes to curse them but due to timely help of Ghatotkach, Pandavas are saved.
Shrikrishna arranges and performs Mangni of Abhimanyu, son of Veer Arjun, with Surekha. Balram's daughter. But again Shakuni and Duryodhan go to Balram and after misguiding him succeed to break away the Mangni, between Abhimanya and Surekha...Abhimanya sets out for Dwarka with his mother to abduct Surekha and forcibly marry her. 

He meets on his way with Ghatotkach in strange circumstances and Ghatotkach assures him for success of his mission and takes Abhimanyu to Dwarka. 
There in Dwarka, he faces innumerable odds but he never loses hope he is determined to save Surekha from the marriage with Duryodhan's stupid son Laxman. 

He goes on trying and success seems to be in his hands but this 'but' is hiding many many interesting incidents in its fold which you can only realise after seeing "Nitin films" 'Veer Ghatotkach on the silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)