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Walait Pass (1962)

  • Release Date13/04/1962
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Length4021.83 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-34412- Mumbai
  • Certificate Date28/12/1961
  • Shooting LocationAshoka Hotel, New Delhi

Ajit (Subi Raj) is the only son of Shahni (Manorama), living in Delhi. His father has given his word to Subedar Maniklal (Nazir Hussain) living in Sajjanpur village that Ajit will marry Maniklal’sdaughter Shamo(Shyama) while Ajit and Shamo were infants. Many years after Ajit’s father dies, Manorama settles in Delhi and send Ajit to England for higher studies. In England, Ajitfalls in love with a lovely English girl, Rosie (Libi Rana) daughter of Colonel Johnson who fought for the British on the Burma border. During the war, his life was saved by an Indian soldier. Both Ajit and Rosie want to marry and they get the consent of her father. Ajit wants to proceed on a Europe tour before returning to India. However, his plan is disturbed as he gets a mail from his mother regarding the date of his marriage to Shamo in the Sajjanpurvillage being fixed. Ajitthen decides to return to India along with Rosie in order to break his engagement with Shamo. 

On reaching India, he does not go to his house but stays at the Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi. He calls his friend Sheel (Maruti) to the hotel and explains his plan. He leaves Rosie in the care of Sheel in New Delhi and proceeds to the villageSajjanpur without meeting his mother.On the way, he meets Walait Ram (Johny Walker), an unemployed, odd-looking but intelligent young man. He decides to exchange identities with him thinking that his prospective in-laws in the village will break off the engagement after meeting the pseudo-England-returned Walait Ram alias Ajit. As tutored by Ajit, Walait Ram behaves like an England-returned person, drinking alcohol and even insulting his would-be father-in-law Subedar Maniklal quite often. He earns the ire of the entire village. Walait Ram is accepted as their future son-in-law but with reluctance. And just when the whole thing is at breaking point, Walait Ram falls in love with Shamo, thereby creating a strange situation for Ajit. 

As Ajit does not return to New Delhi for quite some time, Rosie becomes impatient. She cajolesSheelto tell her the truth about Ajit’s absence. Finally, Sheel breaks the news that Ajit has gone to the village to break off his childhood engagement with Shamo. Rosie gets upset and reaches the village. She is taken to be Ajit’s mistress and the whole village is electrified by this. However, she handles the situation brilliantly and wins the confidence of Subedar and the other family members. After a number of twists and turns, Ajit gets his love Rosie while Walait Ram and Shamo also marry with the blessings of Subedar Manikram and Numbardar Ratan Chand (Raj Mehra).