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Yaadon Ki Baaraat (1973)

  • LanguageHindi

"Yaadon Ki Baaraat" literally means a procession of memories, a nostalgia of the past shaping the decisive events of the present.

Shanker, Vijay and Ratan, the three loving brothers, are separated from one another in child hood, when a ruthless killer murders their parents. Now the three brothers grow-up in three different environments and circumstances. Shanker, the eldest, is a tough guy, who graduates from petty pick­pocketing to becomea leading light of a mighty and extra-rich underworld. Yet Shanker's life-time ambition-to avenge the murder of his innocent parents and meet his long-lost brothers-keeps on working on his mind round-the-clock.

Vijay is adopted by a kindly and lonely widower, who gives him all the facilities and education he could afford and Vijay, now a handsome debonaire, just graduating from the university, is in search of a job. Ratan, the youngest, is brought up by the kindly ayah of the family. He grows up into a popular pop-singer, maddening and entertaining the teenage youngsters, whose craze he is.

Every cloud has a silver-lining. Vijay gets his happiness when he succeeds in winning the heart of Sunita, a rich heiress, despite his honest confession of poverty Ratan gets his zest for life in entertaining the young crowds, speciallyin the company of his pet cabaret dancer Neetu. But Shanker, the eldest, works and worries ceaselessly to achieve the missions of his life Maria, a young and mysterious lady always in black, has to content her heart with her one-sided, unresponsive love for him.

Fate has a strange method of making strange permutations and combinations.  One day Shanker is shocked to discover that Shakhaal, who is his boss, is also the killer of his parents.  He is now near to his goal. But before he can make a move another shock awaits him, Shakhaal is....

Shakhaal is allset to make a quick getaway from India, by air with all his ill-gotten wealth. How Shanker succeeds in achieving the mission of his life and bow he ultimately meets his long-lost brothers, forms the gripping drama of 'Yaadon Ki Baaraat', a story of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

(From the official press booklet)