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Yaddon Ki Zanjeer (1984)

  • LanguageHindi

Freedom Fighter Satyaprakash loved his wife his son Vijay & Avinash a lot. But more than them he loved his country (India) Taking his watch in his hand he used to hum only one song Sare Jahan Se Achha Hindustan Hamara.
The Britishers bribed four traitors and made a plot to kill Satyaprakash All the four traitors disguised as freedom fighters stabbed Satyaprakash with a knife and killed him But Vijay was hiding and watching everything the blood flowing from his father's dead body and the faces of the four traitors had a great impact on his mind and he vowed to take revenge from all four of them He comes home and finds that the house is burnt to ashes Now he sets of in search of the killers of his father.
India becomes independent.
Vijay's younger brother Avinash has now become a police officer and the first case he takes up is that of his father's murder Meanwhile Vijay is still in search of the four murderers. 

Both the brothers unaware of each other want to punish the murderers in their own way one by law and the other with his own hands.
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(From the official press booklet)