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Khoon Ki Kimat (1974)

  • LanguageHindi

KHOON KI KIMAT is the story of a dashing young man called Deepak. He is an aimless wanderer and the course of his life's journey is not dictated by any compass or preset diagrams. Today he is here...tomorrow he is there ! Like the sun he rises somewhere every day and brings with him a new morning...a new hope !
Deepak pretends to be an engineer-a guise which he has adopted due to unavoidable circumstances. In the company of one John Fernandez (the real engineer), he is on his way to a village when John Fernandez is killed by a sniper's bullet. Suddenly, Deepak finds himself caught in the trip of vicious situation.
When Deepak reaches the village, he is forced to be the real engineer and poor and simple villagers start adoring him. Deepak also reciprocates and feels exulted by their blind faith and love. He is attracted towards girl called Billo and Bajrangi, the people's voice.
But, Deepak's moments of happiness are cut short when he realises that the fate of villagers hangs by a slender thread due to the scheming manager of the quarry and Zamindar of the town. Death and destruction is let loose by the men of Zamindar and the village is set on fire. Deepak's life takes a new, more meaningful turn when he sees the great injustice is being done to the villagers. Deepak vows to find the real cause behind those acts of cruelty.
A long conflict is on. Deepak becomes the main target of Zamindar's men and they are after his life. But, Deepak is smart enough to keep them dodging. The real struggle begins when Deepak has to keep the villagers working in the quarry and at the same time avoid Zamindar's men who are constantly hunting for him.
How Deepak meets his real love Chanda, and restores her family to its wealth and rightful place? How he manages to get the secret of the wealth buried in quarry? Why Deepak disguises himself as an engineer? And finally, how he finishes, the mighty Zamindar?
For bullet by bullet...and action by action account of the story : Await Khoon Ki Kimat on the screen.

(From the official press booklets)