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Zaraak Khan (1963)

  • LanguageHindi

It is the biggest sin to bow down against tyranny. That was the sologan, principal and faith of our brave hero Zaraak (Jairaj). Zaraak's sword was so sharp and stiff as it was killing the thousands when it was once waved out. 

Zaraak was not only a brave man but he was a great polition too. Zaraak's politics made restless even to Jabbar (Tiwari) who was the biggest crook polition and natorious of that time. Jabbar had taken the crown by crookery and mere cheating in friendship. Jabbar wanted to rule while keeping the gun of crimes on the sinless shoulders of the princess (Chitra). The princess was forced to sign all the rullings which were a terror to the subject of 'Khakan', due to the terrors of Jabbar. 

The subject of 'Khakan' now started hating to the princess due to the strict and terrified rulings imposed by the kingdom. Zaraak who was the companion of the princess since childhood was knowing the princess that she is a-nice, gentle and having the blood of a generous and noble king in her veins. But due to the prevailing terrors of the crown, he was also bound to think against the princess. As to why ? 

Why she is signing all those rulings which are badly troubling to the subject ? Was she changed ? 

Or she has moulded herself with the cruel ruling of Jabbar. 

To investigate the facts, one day Zaraak in disguise entered into the Palace. What happened there ? How he met to Jabbar ? What was the result ? 

These all questions can be answered and decided fully by seeing "ZARAAK KHAN" and will realise that the life of a ayman is much better than a King.

(From the official press booklet)