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Kuldeep Singh

Sound Recording/ Audiography
  • Primary Cinema: Hindi

Sound recordist Kuldeep Singh was born in Delhi. He would have been in the Air Force today, had not the independence movement happened. After a modest academic career, Kuldeep left his home in Delhi and came to Bombay towards the end of 1943. Producer Rai Bahadur Chunilal, the then chief of Filmistan Studios, happened to be a friend of his father and took him as an apprentice in his sound department.

The first film where he handled sound recording was Actress (1948), directed by Najam Naqvi and starring Prem Adib and Meena Shorey. After that, he recorded sound for numerous films, including Nirdosh (1950), Anarkali (1953), Munimji (1955), Abe-Hayat (1955), Paying Guest (1957), Ghar Grihasti (1958), Solva Saal (1958), Love Marriage (1959), Sarhad (1960) and Junglee (1961).

Kuldeep Singh won the Filmfare award for the Best Sound Recording for 1961 for his deft handling of the soundtrack of the film Junglee (1961).

He later continued to work in films like Bahu Begum (1967), Abhinetri (1970), Sharmeelee (1971), Mr. Romeo (1974), Amar Akbar Anthony (1977), Teesri Aankh (1982), Ulta Seedha (1985), and Locket (1986).