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Aansoo Aur Muskan (1970)

  • Release Date16/12/19701
  • GenreComedy, Drama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time150 mins
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Shooting LocationParsad Studios Madras

Radha searches every train that passes Shampur Station for her lost lover Mahesh who had deserted her at the same station five years ago. Child Lakshmi (born to Radha after Mahesh deserted her) joins in this pathetic search. Radha is given shelter by the station master, a good Samaritan, who persuades her in vain, to give up this useless search and return to her parents. Finally, a train brings Mahesh who is in the company of another girl and refuses to recognise Radha. Unable to bear the shock, Radha commits suicide.

The station master takes the child to Radha's uncle (Radha's father having died in the meanwhile) but child is disowned by the uncle and all other relatives. A foolish servant puts Radha in a train to Bombay where the child arrives in search of its lost parents, with only a photograph of its parents in her hand. Anwar, an old blind beggar, with a heart of Gold, becomes the child's only friend in the sprawling city of Bombay where the child goes on searching for her parents.

Things take a new turn when Lakshmi becomes the holder of a winning 2½ lakhs lottery ticket. All the slum dwellers where the child lives try to steal the ticket and the child and Anwar are separated. The child leaves the slums only to get into fresh trouble repeatedly because every stranger to whom she explains her story whether he be Sadhu or millionaire, only tries to steal the ticket. By sheer resourcefulness the child outwits all those people and vangles herself out of various side corners, and ultimately finds herself in safe hands when Inspector James takes her home where she is looked after by James' wife.

The photograph of Lakshm's parents is published in the papers and this brings Mahesh to the scene. Finding that he cannot get the lottery ticket without bringing with him, Mahesh marries a Kotah girl Girija who looks exactly like Radha. Girija who promises to act as Lakshmi's mother, turns hostile just when Inspector James is about to hand over the ticket to Mahesh. Mahesh exposes that Girija is not Lakshmi's mother and the confused child runs back to the slum to old Anwar.

Is Mahesh really a villain?

Who is Girija?

What happens to the child?

See the gripping end on the silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)