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Baazi (1951)

  • GenreCrime, Drama, Romance
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time143 mins
  • Length3956.30 meters
  • Number of Reels13
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Censor Certificate NumberA-11-MUM
  • Certificate Date06/04/1951

There is nothing good about gambling. But people gamble. Some do it for fun; but others.....?

Can you imagine Madan's feelings when he did not hae money enough to buy that drop of medicine which could save the life of his desar one? Madan was a good boy. He has seen better days... but that is no consolation in a crisis, is it?

It is true that Rajni wanted to help him. She was well-to-do. She was a doctor! But it was not in Madan's nature to accept charity!

Leena was a different type of girl. Society had thrown her on the rubbish heap, but she was still human. She told Madan of the only remedy she knew. "If you wish to save your loved one, stake your all!"

Madan did so, but little did he know that he was walking into a trap that would endanger not only his own life, but also Rajni's, Nina's and Rupa's. 

Little did he know that his destiny was now in the hands pf a professional villain.... a man whose aim in life was to ruin others. 

Madan was a simple boy for all his outward smartness. And yet he was not a coward! If he has sinned then he was prepared even to go to the gallows to atone for it. 

His courage at last found an ally.... Ramesh, the police inspector. Ramesh saw the Madan who looked bad was not really bad. The charge really lay in highly respectable quarters!

How this pattern of evil was unfolded, you will see on the screen. Ramesh did save some lives from ruin....but alas he was too late to save one precious life. Can you guess whose?


(From the official press booklet) 



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