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Bhagyawan (1953)

  • Release Date1953
  • GenreDrama, Family
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Censor RatingU

This is a wonderful world! Indeed, it is wonderful... here humanity is tossed away in the name of fortune and luck. But not human being born on this God's good earth brings ill-luck or misfortune to him or her or others, but circumstances crown him or her and 'unlucky' and 'unfortunate'.

This is the story of a Blossom in the Dust... a tender aged boy Chanda on whom people looked down as an unfortunate, because the day he stepped on this earth, his father died and his mother followed her husband; due to the unbearable shock. Poor Chanda! He had yet not opened his eyes to see the shape of this world and was now left all alone with his ten-year old elder brother Suraj to face the storms of the world. How to survive? and how to feed the new-born brother was the question that worried Suraj. But their uncle rose to the occasion and sheltered both the boys in his house.

Here also the shadows of misfortune chased innocent Chanda... he grew up on the mercy of his aunty and uncle. But soon his own people started disliking Chanda. They considered it a sin to see his face and this is how Chanda was pushed aside on every occasion.

On growing up Suraj got married and his wife Sindhu soon started loving young Chanda... much against her husband's wish-but before it came to show-down, Suraj is transferred by his office to the other town. Here Chanda is left all alone with his uncle. Days roll on and Chanda's loving uncle is confined to bed with illness Poisoned by others, Chanda's aunty drives him out of her house. Little Chanda migrates to his brother's house, but his brother's doors were also closed for him.
Not knowing where he is going Chanda runs on a rail track! Sindhu follows him! But Chanda finds the rail tracks separated and immediately runs to stop the coming train. Chanda first escapes the accident and the train stops. His uncle and aunty, along with other passengers, get down the train. By the times Sindhu&Suraj also arrive on the spot. All are happy over Chanda's brilliant act and call him BHAGYAWAN !


[from the official press booklet]