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Boglantt / Calumny (1975)

  • LanguageKonkani
  • Length4193.74 meters
  • Number of Reels15
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number77677 - Mumbai
  • Certificate Date31/07/1975

The story of the film is based on Prem Kumar’s Tiatr entitled ‘No Vacancy’. Due to his greed, Tyson ends up annihilating his own family. After Tyson’s brother’s death, he banishes his sister-in-law Maria and her son Cedric. Maria and Cedric leave for Mangalore to settle at her deceased husband’s friend’s place. But due to heavy rain, Cedric falls sick and is treated by Dr. Henry. Dr. Henry also provides them with accommodations. After some years, Cedric passes his B.A. examination with flying colours. He searches for a job but doesn’t find one befitting his qualifications. Hence he settles for an ordinary job.

Tyson’s son Jerry and daughter Pamela grow up to be irresponsible citizens. Cedric risks his life to prevent a robbery. Merlyn, in whose house the robbery takes place is overcome by this act and offers the duo a place in her house and a job as a peon to Cedric. Unknown to Maria, Merlyn’s father George is a close friend of Maria’s family. Cedric gets an appropriate job through George, and Merlyn and Cedric fall in love. Tyson reaches Mangalore and is shocked to see Cedric as the manager of George’s company. Tyson abhors Cedric and therefore tries to torment him. He separates the lovers with the connivance of a cabaret dancer causing Merlyn to doubt Cedric. Cedric unknowingly gets involved in a murder and is arrested. Maria pleads with George to save Cedric but George is unwilling to do so. Maria whilst leaving the scene meets with a tragic accident and dies.

Most of the filming is done in Karnataka and the film boasts of superb performances by Prem Kumar and Betty Naz.