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Chand Mere Aja (1960)

  • Release Date1960
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Long illness of Seth Bhagwandas' wife Rukmini from T.B. has made his life completely disturbed.
Bankelal, who is a friend and well-wisher of Seth Bhagwandas outwardly, cannot resist the temptation of Sethji's wealth. He manipulates to put his niece Dr. Menka at the home of Sethji, under the pretence of looking after the health of Sethji's wife. When he comes to know that Rukmini's days are numbered, he explains his sinister plan to Menka, that he would do away with the newly-born child of the Seth. Rukmini, lying in the adjoining room, overhears the plan. She brings their conspiracy to the knowledge of her husband; but Sethji disbelieves her. Finding no alternative, she leaves her house one night, just to save the life of her only child. She falls unconscious near a village but after relating here woeful take to the Mukhia of the village; who promises to bring the child up as his own son, she breathes her last.

Seth Bhagwandas leaves no stone unturned to find out his lost wife and son; but in vain. Bankelal is successful in arranging the marriage of his niece with Sethji. He needs money and now he has found the source ... ... he gets it through Menka.

TME PASSES ... ... ... ...

Shyam, the adopted son of Mukha, has grown up to be a youth of 24 years. He and Radha (daughter of the village Vaidya and his wife Lakshmi) are hand and glove with each other. Their love is eternal. But Relu, the village clown who loves Radha, is unable to stand if. He poisons the mind of Lakshmi, but his every effort is fruitless.

Time is all healer. But Sethji is unable to forget his long lost son. His marriage with Menka is anything but success. His only solace is in loving Rupa, the daughter of his friend Maneklal, whom he wants to adopt as his own daughter. IncidentlyRupa also was born on the day Sethji's own son was born and it is therefore that Sethji celebrates her birthday. But Bankelal cannot tolerate this. He poisons the mind of Menka that Rupa might take her place.

One day when Sethji goes to the same village to celebrate Rupa's birthday, he meets Shyam, his own son; without knowing his identity. They all hear Shyamand Radha singing. Sethji invites Shyam to the City, promising to purchase all the toys Shyam could bring.

Shyam goes to the City and it became very difficult for Radha to pass even a single day in the absence of Shyam.

In the City, Rupadevelopes a soft corner of Shyam, who is compelled to remain there for two days.
When Radha comes to know that Shyam had returned, she leaves her house to meet him. This has been detected by Lakshmi, who wants to give her a thrashing. But Radha threatens to end her life by jumping from the cliff. This incidence changes the mind of Lakshmi and she agrees to give Radha's hand to Shyam in marriage.
Relu's jealousy knows no bounds. He comes to Shyam and discloses that Shyam was not the son of Mukhia. In fact Shyam had no parentage. When confronted, Mukhia had alternative but to speak the truth, Shyam comes to know that in reality Sethji was his real father.

Shyam wants to leave forCity but Radha does not allow him to go, Shyam had only one goal in life ... and that was to avenge the death of his mother, who gave her life to save him ... ... He would square that up with his father ... ... ... If he was alive, he would come back to his Radha... ... And if ... ...

WHAT HAPPENS? ... ... Does Shyam kill his father? ... ... Does he marry Rupa? ... ... What about Radha? ... ... Who make the supreme sacrifice?


[from the official press booklet]



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