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Char Chand (1953)

  • Release Date1953
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Fate often plays strange tricks with our lives-this is the basis of the story of CHAR CHAND. Shyama is a simple, care-free girl. Lallu and she have grown together as play, mates since childhood. It is but natural that they shuld be fond of each other. In fact, Lallu is so much in love with Shyama, that he neglects every thing else and does not even worry about earning a living. How long can the poor old mother manage to run the household? Creditors soon make a queue in the house which has to sold to meet their debts. Lallu's eyes are now opened. Leaving both his mother and Shyama in tears, he starts for Bombay in search of livelihood. Who has not heard of Sheila? Well-known songstress, actress and dancer, she is already a rage in Prem Nagar State, where both the Raj Kumar and the Diwan, madly infatuated with her are keen competitors for her favours. Angry with the knowledge that Sheila is more favourably inclined towards the Raj Kumar, Diwan drives the theatre company out of town, And when he comes to know that the Raj Kumar is following the company to Bombay, he arranges with certain local goondas to have him killed on the way. While the Raj Kumar is on the train, the goondas make an attempt on his life. Lallu who happens to be on the same train however, intervenes and saves his life. Lallu and Raj Kumar become friends and reach Bombay together. Lallu writes home. When Shyama reads his letter, becomes so excited that she immediately leaves for Bombay. In the meantime, the goondas who were hired to kill the Raj Kumar play another game. They abduct Sheila from the stage.

On the very same day, Shyamo looking for Lallu, reaches the residence of the Raj Kumar where two lovers meet at last. There is no limit to their happiness. Destiny, however has some things else in store for them. And their meeting brings a trail of tragic occurences. The Raj Kumar at once becomes Lallu's worst enemy. Why is Raj Kumar displeased with Lallu? What happens to Lallu and Shyama? Where do goondas take Sheila and what becomes of her?

Come and see the replies to all questions on the screen.

[from the official press booklet]



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