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Chhai (1950)

  • Release Date30/06/1950
  • GenreSocial
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Run Time121 mins
  • Length3312.56 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor Certificate NumberB47937 - Mumbai
  • Certificate Date20/06/1950

The dowry system is the subject for this film. Ghaseete Shah had three daughters and one son of marriageable age. He tried his best to find suitable matches for his daughters but the high demand of dowry from the prospective bridegrooms dampened his spirits. Even his son Sunder was not of any help to him. Sunder himself was madly in love with Gujri, the only sister of Telu. He told his father to get him married with Gujri as he couldn’t wait for the marriages of his sisters. In another attempt, Ghaseeta Ram goes to his friend Seth Karori Mal, who has three sons Multani, Lahori and Pishori who are good for nothing. Seth Karori Mal welcomes him but demands huge dowry for the marriages of his sons. Ghaseeta Ram gets angry with him and plainly refuses to accept his demand for dowry. Multani, Lahori and Pishori also get annoyed with their father for asking dowry and in a fit of anger, they decide to leave the house and commit suicide. 
On the other side, Ghaseeta Ram asks Sunder to take his sisters Gobindi, Lakkhi and Gulabo to the city and find suitable matches for them. Sunder asks his father to take care of Gujri in his absence as her brother Telu is trying to get her married to an old man. On their way, they come across Multani and his brothers who had jumped into the river. He saves them and comes to know that they have taken the extreme step as their father Seth Karori Mal is greedy for dowry. All of them now join together to teach Karori Mal a lesson. After his sons leave home, Seth Karori Mal thinks of getting himself married again. He gives an advertisement in newspapers seeking a wealthy bride for himself. Sunder approaches him with a proposal of marriage of his sister and maneuvers to steal all the gold, silver ornaments and money from Seth Karori Mal on the wedding night. Now Seth is left penniless and his sons go back to him. In order to regain his lost treasure, he agrees to get his sons married to Gobindi, Lakkhi and Gulabo with the hope of getting a handsome dowry. Sunder gives all the money, ornaments stolen from Seth Karori Mal in dowry. After getting his sisters married as per the wishes of his father, Sunder hopes to marry Gujri after saving her from the clutches of her notorious brother Telu who has betrothed her to an old man for money. When Ghaseeta Ram comes to know about the marriage of Gujri with an old man, he feels bad and he sets out to inform Sunder, who has gone to the city. Seth Karori Mal formulates a plan to get Sunder married to Gujri.              



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