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Deewane (1991)

  • Release Date1991
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi

I.M. Films' "Deewaane" is a power-packed drama of romance and love, interlaced with strong undercurrent of action, with an anti-drug message. It is the story of today's youth, their creative power and their destructive capabilities.

Umesh is a poor college student, whose father had become a fatal victim of narcotic drugs because of this Umesh swears to wipe out the scourge of narcotics from the country. Umesh has close friends in his college like a photographer Sunil, who is in love with a yoga exponent Sheetal, and Vinod, who is Sheetal's brother and who is in love with Pinky, the sister of college hoodlum and drug addict Dinesh alias "D" and the daughter of the college chairman.

D is mortially scared of a very honest and upright professor Farooqui, who sees through 'D's nefarious activities on one-too-many occasions. His repeated complaints to the college principal fall on deaf ears, because gunda Raghu intimidates prof. Farooqui by ransacking and breaking up his residence. Raghu orders Farooqui to leave Delhi, but when Umesh, Sunil and Vinod learn about this, they manhandle Raghu, who is now forced to leave Delhi.

At this juncture, one of D's henchmen informs him that his sister Pinky is romancing Vinod. D is enraged and confronts Vinod's sister Sheetal, who slaps him. D cannot tolerate the humiliation and one day gang-rapes Sheetal along with his five sidekicks, one after the other, just as Sheetal is waiting for the arrival of her fiancee Sunil. However, while escaping after raping and strangulating Sheetal, D forgets a camera with which D's friend had clicked the photographs of the gang-rape, inch by inch. The camera falls in to the hands of Sunil, who is too dazed to realise the clue to the murder of his sweetheart. In the meantime, Umesh falls into a trap of D who drugs him in an intoxicated state, Umesh climbs up to the terrace and suicide.

Infuriated by the clue, Sunil decides to eliminate the rapists one by one. During one such avenging spree, Vinod is framed for the murder, which Sunil commits, and he is sent to jail. In the meantime it is also uncovered that D is actually not the son of the college Chairman, but he was picked up from a footpath by the Chairman's wife and brought up as his own son. When D is ousted from his house, he swears vengeance on all his detractors and plans to blow up an auditorium where the college students are planning to raise funds for Umesh's mother. Sunil is in hot pursuit of his last target-D, who is in process of blowing up the auditorium. Sunil after a prolonged fight, manages to exterminate D, but while dying D pumps a barage of bullets into Sunil. As a last act of noble deed, Sunil saunters into the auditorium and removes the time bomb kept below the seats of Prof. Farooqui and the college Chairman. Finally he breathes his last, after saving the lives of his teacher.

[from the official press booklet]