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Dharma (1973)

  • Release Date1973
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time243 mins
  • Length3991.68
  • Number of Reels16
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number94915
  • Certificate Date27/08/1980 (Re-revised)
  • Shooting LocationFamous Studios, Filmalaya, Ranjit, Natraj, Swati, RK Studio

Tragedy creates Rebals.

Sewak Singh and innocent poor farmer was thus converted into Dharm Singh, a Bandit and Outlaw. Police deputes Inspector Ajit Singh to capture Dharma. The efforts of Ajit Singh finishes the entire gang of Dharma, who escapes with his wife and little son, in a boat. 

In further efforts Ajit fires and Dharma's wife is hurt and she falls into the river with the son. Dharma takes it for granted that they are drowned. In turn Dharma takes revenge and Ajit's wife is killed and daughter is separated. Time passes on. Dharma's  son, Raju, brought up by foot-path, develops into a thief and comes across Radha. They fall for each other. Their love develops.

In the episode of dacoities Chandan comes across Raju and develops a liking for the boy. Raju joins Chandan. At a moment it is disclosed to them that Radha is a dancing girl, who saves both.

Chandan in order to repay the abligations promises to get her through a rich man and give her a respectable status in the society. Thus, in the guise of Nawab Sikandar Mirza he comes and buys her off. When Raju meets her, she implores and impresses upon him to become a goodman and Raju accordingly promises. When I.G. Ajit Singh sees Radha in the house of Nawab Saheb, he is shocked as Radha resembles with her mother. I.G. requests to adopt Radha, as he is in a doldrum, whether it is his wife's reincarnation or it is his lost daughter. Here Radha introduces Raju to her father for a job and I.G. promises Raju to give a job in police, knowingly that Raju is a thief. It was accordingly to his Planning and with the approval of Home Ministry. Through an Inspector who was shadowing Raju, it is revealed to the I.G. that Radha belongs to red-light area from where he comes to know that Radha is his lost daughter.

On otherside one of the enemies of Dharma, in order to ulfil vengeance, informs the I.G. of the true identity of Nawab Sikandar Mirza as Chandan as Dharam Singh. Ensueing this information, I.G. lays a trap and Chandan alias Dharma is caught by the duty bound Police Inspector Raju, his own son...

This is not the end of this saga of Hatred, Revenge and Passion, it is just the beginning...........

[from the official press booklet]