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Dozakh (1987)

  • Release Date1987
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time137 mins
  • Length3700.11 metres
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Censor Certificate Number584
  • Certificate Date30/07/1986
  • Shooting LocationFilm City, Filmalaya, Filmistan, Esel

A daring picture of a dark age -------- Dozakh reflects the hell that has descended on earth today. The password is lust, - of money, wine and women. A jungle where the cruel and fittest survive at the cost of the weakling and idealist.

The film opens with a house of ill-fame being raided by the law. Punishment and crime take a strange turn as the culprit himself becomes a victim of bureaucracy. Masterminding the stealthy operation of crime, corruption and make-rich-quick schemes is Netaji (Anupam Kher) whose high-level influences leave no clues of injustice perpetrated on the innocents.

Into this hell comes young, debonair playboy ARUN (Suhas Khandke from a dazzling disco to the house of vice Arun's adventure is an exciting one. This pick from the fallen girls is Kamini (Pallavi). Their relationship begins on a fiery love-hate note. Arun tortured and tormented by a past which led to the merciless death of his mother lets loose a violent exterior before thawing the ice with KAMINI. The letter of course is the prize that Netaji is aspiring for and ARUN'S affair with her stirs up a hornet's nest. His life will now become an impossible one with Netaji's men on his trial determined to turn his life into hell and abduct Kamini.

Oblivious of Netaji's plans, Arun and Kamini get married and leave the city of travails and settle down in a quiet town to lead a peaceful life. But the past has a brutal way of destroying the present. Frustrated for a job, Suhas is further driven to a point of no return when Netaji sends his own man Sattu (Ravi Baswani) to hunt down Arun.

The last straw on the reformed ARUN's back is lost when Netaji's men perform a deadly orgy of death on the helpless Kamini who is confined to an inferno while the killers danced in glee. The cruel throttling of injustice and innocence sparks of a volcano of vengeance in Arun who finds himself framed for a crime he never committed. The stage is set for a suspensful and thrilling showdown between the individual and a vicious system but not before he awakens society in a stirring attack on those misusing power.

In a blinding flash ARUN escapes from the court to track down the force that had escaped the scales of justice by sheer deceit. The hunter and the hunted are in for an unequal battle. One fought for rights... the other stood for a ravaging evil. Will justice prevail and succeed in ridding the hell that has life has become? Only time... and DOZAKH can tell !!

[from the official press booklet]