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Ek Saal Pahle (1965)

  • Release Date1965
  • GenreDrama, Family, Mystery
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationAsha Studios & Ranjit Studios, Bombay

 One year before, Kailash was shot by an unknown person in the village and Police could not trace the culprit. 

 A year after on a dark winter night suddenly Kailash's soul appeared in the village, all the village was terror stricken, People lost their sleeps nobody knew, when and from where the soul will appear and disappear just before their eyes.

Forest officer tried to shoot the Ghost, Shambhu the famous Goonda attacked him with daggers, Police Inspector fired upon him from a very close range. But nobody could kill him. Soul simply smiled and said once dead....cannot be killed again. 

Seema, daughter of a station master was in love with Kailash when he was alive, since his death she was passing lonely and sorrowful life. One night she saw someone behind the Glass Window of her apart-ment, he was none else but the soul of Kailash. He said "I am wandering here and there because I could not get you in my life, and if you want my Peace, please meet me the same place where we used to meet in life.

Seema have often kept on meeting him and every-body in the village came to know about their meetings.

What happened in their meetings ? 
 To what extent Police succeeded in aprehending the culprit ?
 Did the soul harm anyone ?

 To solve all this mystery, don't miss to see "EK SAAL PAHLE".

[from the official presss booklet]