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Farmaish (1953)

  • LanguageHindi

  Dilip and Shekhar are partners of a touring heatrical company. Dilip is an artistic type, is less interested in material things and spends most of his time in painting natural scenaries. Shekhar, his working partner and freind, is a happy-go-lucky guy and is incharge of the entire management of the theatre. He views the life in a purely commercial way and readily changes with the situation. On a hill station the theatre is stationed and the business is deteriorating. Gangoo and Badli, both frustrated in life, join hands and pledge to fight out the calamatious era. Both approach Shekhar who appoints them as artists. Their performance is immensely liked and the theatre once again gets back its reputation and glory. Badli because of her gloomy past is naturally vindictive and in order to revenge the world resolves to exploit her present secured position. Dilip, in one of his usual outings. happens to meet Nira, an innocent but extremely —handsome hill girl. This meeting in a beautiful valley gives birth to a romance and ultimately the two aspirant young hearts find the complete fulfilment of their dreams. Badli finding this situation worth-exploiting to materialise her vicious game succeds in creating rift between Dilip and Nira. Dilip in bewilderment leaves the hill station. The theatre at the end of the season also leaves for Bombay. Nira's step mother decides to marry Nira to Attru, an ugly looking simpleton villager. Nira overhears the plan and manages to run away, Attru follows her. 
  Nira inorder to find Dilip joins the theatre and her very first performance makes her hot favourite overnight. Shekhar as usual has evil intentions upon Nira. After facts are revealed to Dilip he rushes in search of Nira. Both meet passionately and Dilip advises her to leave the theatre immediately. Shekhar gets furious on Dilip's sudden appearance and turns a perfect villain. He creates misunderstanding between the two and right when he is trying to molest Nira a pistol shot is fired and he falls bleeding on the ground. Nira is arrested……  What happened after this. ? Was Nira released? What fate Badli and Shekhar met ? See all this on the silver screen.