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Gauri Pooja (1956)

  • LanguageHindi

Mangala, the daughter of a poor Brahmin performs the puja of Goddess Parvati with all the sincerity. Goddess Parvati granted her a boon; 'Akhand Saubhagyavati Bhava'. At the same time, the wife of a wealthy Zamindar was performing the puja with a big show but the sweet concord of Mangala's prayers attracted all the womenfolk to her home. Enraged at this, she manages to get Mangala engaged to a Brahmin youth, Madan who kept himself indulged in vices and refuses to believe in God. On Shivratri day, he threw off the image of Shiva, Lord Shiva, in the disguise of a Sadhu, appeared on the spot and cursed him that he will met his death on next Shivratri.
Madan-Mangala got married. Mangala tried to put Madan on the right path but in vain. Pained at the misbehabiour  of Madan, his parents left home. The society boycotted Madan; still he didn't come to his senses. He lost his house and property in gambling. Moved by the prayer of Mangala, the Goddess Parvati presented her with double property. At this, Madan got suspicious about Mangala's chastity and she was kicked out of the house.
Madan lost everything, he started begging door to door but nobody was prepared to talk to him. The adversities opened his eyes and he started repenting for his misdeeds, but it was too late; because that fateful day Shivratri was approaching near.
Lord Shiva stepped out to watch the fate of his curse; the Goddess Parvati came forward to see her boon come true; with the result that there was a big clash between Shiva & Shakti. What turn this clash takes can better be seen on this screen than read on paper.