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Gawaiyaa (1954)

  • Release Date1954
  • GenreDrama, Family
  • LanguageHindi

When melodious voice makes the heart dance to tits tune out of admiration and love, the physical features of the source simply remain latent.

If one is the cause and the other the effect, one cannot possibly make one exist at the extinction of the other. Hindrances do come on the way, they hinder, ultimately they march fast admitting defeat against the invincible strength and the noble emotion of the love for art.

Radha springs out of a rich reputed family. He charming beauty, love for music and painting made her popular amidst one and all. Naturally, she loved music as she loved her soul food.

The voice of Gawaiya conveyed to her often quenched her thirst for music. But she could not toleate the idea of satisfying herself without the presence of the container being felt. She attempts to pick up, but in doing so she could only get and empty tumbler. She was caught in the net of one Kishan and his friend Gopal in her trials to meet Gawaiya.

Gawaiya sees her dance but himself unseen. But for how long? He tries in vain.

Rupa, a devotee of dance and music is the next to enter every attraction on the screen. She loves Gawaiya as a lover loves her own beloved. She keeps off from her own traditional profession and even kicks off all the pleasures of her rich home - all to feel the warmth of Gawaiya.

Can Radha escape from the trap laid by Kisan & Gopal? Can Gawaiya meet Radha? Will Rupa with all her sacrifice succeed in her ambition?

You are cordially invited to witness on the silver screen if love for art can triumph over the love for man. See if destiny decides otherwise!

[From the official press booklet]