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Gopichand (1958)

  • Release Date1958
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationPrakash Pictures, Jyoti Studios

Glory to the Great! History, in its annals, perpetuates the blissful moments and stores such indelible records for generations to come, when, in particular, the impossible has been achieved.

In the capital city of Kanchanpur, Queen mother, Mainavati was the rarest of the blessed mothers. Her only son, King Gopichand was rolling in wealth and enviable happiness. He had a charming, young and dutiful wife named Lomavati. It happened one day that Mainavati met a celebrity of supernatural powers, Mahayogi Jallunder Nath. She asked his blessings for her darling son. The Mahayogi made her realise that the real happiness of her son did not lye in indulgence of worldly comforts but in serving the suffering humanity. And if, that is to be achieved, the Mahayogi desired, that her son should take to renunciation. She realised the truth. Nothing would move her. She was adamant.

It happened to be the celebration of King Gopichand's birthday. The celebrations had been going on, and the King was having his bath in the imperial style. But as destiny would have it, there suddenly fell two precious warm tears from the queen mother's eyes right on the shoulders of Gopichand. They made him restless. The very thought of them started eating into his soul. Whereas, his sweet wife strove hard to pacify the strange feelings and restlessness of her husband with her affections and tenderness.

While on the other side, Mainavati declared to accept 'Sanyas Deekha' herself, before she could advise her son to severe himself from all he possessed, all the perishable material grandeur. Mahayogi Jallunder Nath personally visited her in her palace. Varsha, a swift-footed and sharp-eyed chambermaid, talking recourse to rumours, conceived a plot to poison the King's mind against the queen mother through Lomavati. It did bear fruit. The king was enraged to the extreme. Jallunder Nath was ordered to be drowned in a deep well. Kanifnath, Jallunder's chief disciple, took no time to know about his Guru's predicament. He started at once to face the Imperial Might, single handed. He did successfully. Gopichand repented, realised and surrendered with a clean conscience. All his passions were burnt to ashes. His soul glittered supreme in him. He was a devout Sanyasi at last.

But, one more ordeal was to be gone through. Jallunder Nath demanded that Gopichand would get 'Guru deeksha' only after he obtained alms from his wife Lomavati, by addressing her as 'mother' and not till then.

What next? You would ask! Certainly you will witness that and much more than that will delight your heart on the screen in Gopichand.

[From the official press booklet]