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Great Show Of India (1958)

  • Release Date1958
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationGemini Circus & Shrikant Studios Pvt. Ltd.

The great Circus Shows continued to delight the people even after the accidental death of its Owner Professor as the Manager successfully carried it on in the name of his Master's daughter. Here was a devoted band of workers, each trying to do his part even better than that they did for the old Master. To them, his daughter stepping into the ownership of the Circus was only natural.

And yet (some moments do come stealthily and seize us when off our guard. Such an unexpected moment came across the Manager when he set his eyes on becoming himself the owner of the Circus. He turned a couple of workers to act as his accomplices and prepared plans to go ahead.

The old Professor rode on a beautiful horse, whom he fondly called 'Chetak'. This horse would yield to none after the master died much less giving the saddle to a new comer. A prise was declared. But it went unclaimed. Till at last, one youth came daring in the arena, rode the horse, and with it the heart of the Circus Owner too. A tender feeling developed between them and they pledged to work together, to love each other and to live together for the rest of their life.

The Manager at once saw in this young man a menace to his unworthy plans. Once when ehe Show was on the Manager directed an accomplice to temper with the plug of a motor bike. Unaware of the mischief done, the youth started his performance in the cage of death and fell down in a serious accident.

The Manager thought that was sufficient to teach him a lesson, But nothing happened as was desired by him. Good and affectionate care by the Professor's daughter restored him soon to normal health. He resumed his performance once again.

Then a dirty trick A big amount was found stolen and the suspicion was directed on the youth. His prestige ran down even in the eyes of the girl whom he loved and the Proprietress whom he served. Would he then leave the place?

He would have left but for the timely intervention of a faithful old syce. He stayed there  but remained in hiding.

The Manager lost no time when he saw that the girl was alone, friendless and helpless. He manipulated a shortage of funds and incited the people to strike for wages. Coerced into a delicate position, she agreed to sign up her Show, pole, nail and all. She was reduced to stand at the mercy of her Manager.

But, if man proposes, God dispose. The youth who was in hiding got scent of the stolen wealth. However the Manager assaulted the youth, wounded him and kidnapped him to an unknown place.

On the otherside, the Manager planned another accident to happen which could do away with the girl. But at the zero hour, who should arrive on the spot but the youth, the only sincere friend of the girl. He challanged the Manager openly. Someone telephoned the police who rushed to the scene and arrested the miscreant before any damage could be done.

[From the official press booklet]