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Gulam Begum Badshah (1956)

  • LanguageHindi

Two thousand Deeners..............One!
Two thousand Deeners..............Two!!
Two thousand Deeners..............Three!!
A spark of pity in Shah-i-Ishra's heart, and Saleem, the slave, became a free man. Tarak, the villy Vizier, was also present at the auction and his evil eyes fell on the charming daughter of the slave der. Staggering amounts were offered for her but the trader was adamant: "No, one's own children cannot be sold." The higgling ended with the threat that in case a favourable reply was not received from the trader in four day's time, well, remember Allah.
Even though Saleem was bought over by the Shah, the latter did not agree to take him along with either. And so Saleem was a free tramp. A man of noble character, he refused to accept any charities from the Shah.
Under threat for life from the mischievous lieutenants of the Vizier, the slave trader found himself in an awfully tight corner. He could not feel like relying on protection the Crown had promised him.
One dark night the threat was duly carried out and the angel that came to the rescue of the trader was none else than the Shah himself - incognito. The brief but deadly encounter that followed brought Saleem on the scene. Najma, the slave trader's daughter was rescued but her father lost his life in the encounter. Saleem was presented to the court and by a special charter the Shah made him the Sipah Salaar of Ishra's army.
Happiness was, however, not around the corner.
Najma was abducted by the evil-mongers of the Vizier's camp who had plans even to overthrow the Shah's government. Adding fuel to fire was the love Saleem nourished for the pretty court dancer Begum. The eventful consequence of these intrigues was the revolt sponsored by the Vizir. And those who disobeyed the laws of Islam had to brought to book.
We know recommend to you to see the suspenseful climax for yourself in the musico-romantic tornado of adventure-Ghulam Begum Badshah
....Shaukat Pardesi