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Jaag Utha Insan (1984)

  • Release Date1984
  • GenreRomance
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time123 min
  • Length3708.89 metres
  • Number of Reels15
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number2612
  • Certificate Date24/05/1984
  • Shooting LocationSeth Studios, Film City, Ruhia Park

Keeping up his glorious tradition of making healthy, clean and purposeful films, Director K. VISHWANATH tackle yet another social problem in his latest thougt provoking movie "JAAG UTHA INSAAN".

Sandhya, a young and exceptionally beautiful girl from brahmin orthodo family, besides possessing stunning physical charm is blessed by splendid artistic talents - she is an accomplished dancer. Her love for Hari, a poor but handsome flute-player is innocent and deeply devoted. The relationship of these two born artistes is divinely pure. Hari is a harijan-a low Hindus or brahmins. But for Sandhya he is the God's loveliest creation-her angel of love and happiness.

Sandya's mother was disowned by her father, the chief brahmin priest, because she married a man against her father wishes. As destiny would have it, Sandhya has to perform a dance with Hari playing the flute in her mother's village and before her material family including that stubborn prejudiced and preacher of casteism the grandfather. This sets the stage, for the emergence of highly dramatic and heartwarming incidents which makes this motion picture unforgettable.

Sandhya's dazzling dance performance wins the hearts of the entire village. Even the grandfather is moved by the grace of innocence. He in order to rid his mind of burden of earlier sin, decides to marry Sandya to a young brahmin a orphan brought up by the old man in high religious traditions. Sandhya succumbed to the suddenness of the situation - her wails and silent cries were not heard - and she was married to Nandu midst the soul tearing sounds of Sandhya's ghungroos and heart crushing notes of Hari's flute.

But the purity of true love - the sincerity and devotion of loving hearts very often assume godly powers and dismantle human doings. Such a miracle happens. Nandu sees the image and replica of the Goddess in is wife Sandhya. Tension mounts with every incident. Her husband is intrigued with the Godly interfence while the wife is tortured by the man's indifference.

Finally the truth dawns upon Nandu - he persuades his wife to make confession before the goddess - she accepts her love for Hari. And now the awakening to uphold the values of truth, to honour the sanctity of love, to abolish and bury forever the most dangerous enemies of the human beings, the evil casteism.

See the sensational incidents leading to memorable climax of the film on the silver screen and assess yourselves our humble claim the 'JAAG UTHA INSAAN' is a gift to the cinegoers - an awakening - message to the nation.

[From the official press booklet]