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Jwaar Bhata (1973)

  • GenreDrama, Family
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor Certificate Number73637
  • Certificate Date16/10/1973
  • Shooting LocationRoop Tara Studios

Fate of a man is like a tide in the ocean. Like "JWAR BHATA", it is sometimes high and sometimes low. 
Seth Durga Dass (Nazir Hussain) was a millionaire and except for his lost grandson, there was nobody whom he could call his own. Grandson (Dharminder) was running a small hotel just outside the mill of his grandfather, and he was affectionately called 'Billoo Seth', by his numerous poor customers, who were usually taking food on credit at his hotel... Grandfather was frantic in his search for his grandson and the grandson was oblivious of the fact that he was the sole heir to a millionaire.
Gayatri, (Saira Banu) was fed up with the ill-treatment of her stepmother. With the blessings of her father, she arrived in Bombay in search of a job. As luck would have it, she got a job with the millionaire and shelter at Billoo's house. Here she became very much attached to Billoo's three sisters, Shano, Mano and Rano.
Through Gayatri, Grandfather and Grandson were united.
Grandfather was surrounded by his several distant relatives, Iqbalnath, Satwanti, MR. Khanna, Shiv Shankar, Anokhe and Rekha (Jeevan, Shammi, Sujit, Sunder, Rajinder Nath and Meena T.) in his own house, who were waiting for his death any day so that they could share his wealth. But the arrival of his Grandson shattered their hopes... And one day Grandfather passed away. Billoo became a millionaire overnight.
Through Nature, Billoo, had learnt that surplus is always distributed among others... Sun gives its light to the universe. Moon gives its light to earth. Trees give their fruits to people. Cow gives it surplus milk to children and others... So Balraj started helping the needy by distributing his immense wealth among them.
This, the so-called relatives of the dead millionaire could not swallow. To them he was not helping the needy but depriving them of their own share in the spoils. The spread a net, a net of ill designed deeds and one day Balraj was caught in it. The disastrous results followed...
Gayatri lost faith in Balraj...
Sisters felt that their brother no longer loved them...
Balraj started detesting money and hated himself for having it.
That is how fate played with Billoo... The onrushing tide brought him into limelight... the receding one created a vacuum and darkness all round.
Who was ultimately successful? Poor "Billoo Seth" or this merciless world?
Find and answer to all this in Bahar Films' Eastmancolour presentation, "JWAR BHATA".