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Karigar (1958)

  • LanguageHindi

"KARIGAR" is the story of a skilled worker and his tools. It is the story of Shankar a carpenter who with all his skill could not get a job; so he sold all his tools and all the belongings of his family. While he wandered in vain in search of job, his wife and son also toiled to keep the family going. His wife washed utensils in a Seth's house and his son worked as a shoe-shine boy.
The neighbours instead of appreciating the wife efforts, scandalized her and made Shankar feel humiliated; so much so that when she helped him to find a job for him, he got in a rage and threw food at her face. Of course, soon he realised the folly. Next day, when he reported for work with Sethani's letter secured by his wife, the foreman asked him to bring his tools.
Tools cost money and Shankar had no money. Nor could he borrow the money from any one. Ultimately his wife took off "Mangalsutra" and asked him to sell it to raise money for tools. Next morning he started work, and at the end of the day he got seven rupees. He went to his son who gave up his tools to comrades. And they enjoyed a good time together at chawpatty. But, Alas ! Fate played another cruel trick. The tools were lost and with it the prospects of work, money and the very livelihood.
Instead of returning home, both father and son searched for the lost bag of tools. It took them to strange places and ultimately landed Shankar into Prison. For the bag he found contains not tools but stolen jewels and ornaments, and that too belonged to the Seth for whom he and his wife had worked. He was conmemned, and along with him all the poor downtrodden workers got a bad name.
But his honesty triumphed over the tricks of fate and the workers' honour was restored. Thanks to his son and other urchins who traced the real culprits.

(From the official press booklets)


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