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Khel (1992)

  • LanguageHindi

Sulakshana Devi is a multimillionaire widow, who is known as "Madam". Ravi her only son and heir to her property is in love with a girl named Kamini.
Balwant who is Madam's nephew, had his eye on Madam's wealth, he was responsible for Ravi's death.
Kamini wo was carrying Ravi's child, comes to meet Madam. Madam turns her out saying "You are after my wealth". Helpless Kamini breaks down and leaves.
After sometime Madam comes to know, the truth about Ravi and Kamini, through a letter, which Ravi had written to his friend Sanjay Gupta. She tried her level best to find Kamini but couldn't.
Kamini's son Arun is a conman, meets Seema a club dancer and her uncle, who are also frauds.
Destiny brings them together, not as lovers but as rivals. Arun happens to meet Madam and comes to know about the tragedy in her life - her longing for her grand child.
Arun manipulates and plants Seema as Madam's grand daughter and uncle as Butler.
Balwant's drams are shattered, he decides to in search of Kamini and finds that Kamini had given a birth to a boy not a girl.
Balwant comes back and plans to kill Madam putting the entire blame on Arun and Seema. Uncle overhears the plan and they decide to save their skin and run away.
Whether Balwant achieved his goal or not?
Did Madam find her grandson?
Did really Arun, Seema and uncle run away?
To find out the answer of these questions see "KHEL". 

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